How to start a mobile poker game

To start playing in a mobile poker room, you naturally need a mobile phone, and best of all, a smartphone or tablet. Basically, you can find an opportunity to play on almost any phone (well, except for the oldest and simplest ones). The minimum requirement for the phone to be able to play on it: color screen, support for 3G Internet, browser, application. But still, on older phones, the choice of places to play is not great, and it is not so convenient. For normal play, I highly recommend using Android smartphones / tablets or iPhone / iPad . There are options with some other mobile platforms, but we’ll talk in more detail about the most convenient and common OS for the game in the ” Platforms”, here we will try to consider in general terms how to start a game in a mobile poker room.

So, you have a phone, it is very nice to have access to a computer as well. It is still more convenient to carry out such operations as registration and deposit-withdrawal of money from a computer than from a phone. If filling out a questionnaire when registering from a phone is simply inconvenient, but quite possible, then the possibilities for a mobile deposit are often limited. For example, only cards may be available, or only methods registered through a computer, there may be some electronic payments, but not all.

Let’s assume that you are reading this site from a computer, have studied the reviews, have chosen and want to try the mobile poker room. Follow the link to the site of the room, find there the mobile section or directly the page for your mobile OS. This page will usually contain instructions for downloading and installing. If it’s a downloadable program, you can usually download it to your computer and then transfer it to your phone and install it there. There may also be a QR-code (a square of a two-dimensional barcode), which you will photograph with your smartphone and decode into a link, or an input form where you need to indicate your country and mobile number – you will receive a free SMS with a link. You can go to the same site from your phone. Follow the link of the selected poker room. In most cases, you will be redirected directly to the mobile portal corresponding to your mobile OS (this depends on the room itself). In the other half, you will be taken to a regular online poker site and you will need to follow the links, find the mobile section and the desired page. Already there will be a link either to download the program, or to launch the browser version. I hope you won’t have any problems downloading and installing, there are usually instructions on the site for novice users.

Play online

I just want to warn you about the importance of a stable Internet connection… If you break the connection while playing in the casino, then your bet will simply be remembered and played out the next time. If you disconnect in poker, your hand will simply be folded and you will lose all the money you put in the pot. If at the dawn of online poker rooms offered 1-2 protection against disconnection per day (in case of disconnection, the player was considered to have gone all-in on the bets already made), then due to numerous abuses this practice was abandoned. Now some rooms offer a time-bank: 30-60 seconds of the general reserve of time to restore the connection, if you do not have time – again, your hand will be folded.

You understand that when you are applying for a serious bank, it is very offensive and not cheap to see your hand folded … Therefore, it is safest to play via Wi-Fi, having a 3G / LTE connection ready as a backup. If you are playing via 3G / LTE, then it is better not to try to play in the subway, in places and rooms with uncertain reception, also be careful in movement – there may be gaps in the “shadow” of buildings or when moving between base stations. I recommend that you first make sure of the sufficient quality of the connection, playing “on candy wrappers” or at micro-limits, so as not to lose money.

I repeat that to start the game, you will need to register: it is more convenient from a computer, but you can also directly on your phone… It is better to fill in the fields in Latin characters, choose a unique password and not very short. Unlike stationary computers, it is better not to tick the memorizing password, but to enter it with pens, because otherwise the loss of the phone may cost you more than just its cost. It is possible to play “for candy wrappers” in the training mode, just remember that the game without money is usually very different from the real one. It is usually much simpler, opponents play recklessly, so a long game “for candy wrappers” can do much harm – pick up bad habits, it will be difficult to adapt to the game for money. To play for real money, you need to make a deposit. Again, it was above about this – all methods will be available to you from the computer, from the phone there will usually be fewer input-output methods. Further forward, you can choose a table and start the game!

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